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Pulling together, reuniting river and residents.


New Bedford Rowing Center ("NBRC") provides Greater New Bedford youth and adults with equitable access to the historic Acushnet River.  Through rowing, paddling, and related human-powered, environmentally friendly activities, NBRC builds community and character, champions diversity and inclusion, models environmentally stewardship, and supports a lifelong commitment to physical fitness.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Pope’s Island, with immediate access from Route 6 and easy free parking, NBRC’s sheltered waterfront location encourages exploration and recreational use of New Bedford’s “liquid assets,” from the active inner harbor to the placid upper reaches of the Acushnet River, where space allows for a 1500-meter racecourse.

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As an organizational member of USRowing, NBRC offers Learn-to-Row, recreational, and competitive programs for youth and adults at all levels of interest, ability, experience, and ambition.

The NBRC Boathouse shelters an extensive fleet of rowing “shells” ranging from “singles” to “doubles,” “fours,” and “eights,” these shells support individual and team rowing. While coaching launches, replete with appropriate safety equipment, ensure that instructors are able to provide participants with a secure and rewarding experience. A full-size shell-trailer supports travel to competitive events.

Like many commercial waterfronts, for years New Bedford Harbor’s rowable waters have lain mainly underutilized and inaccessible for recreation. NBRC aims to help reclaim such neglected areas and fill them with people, energy and life. The organization plays a special role in such efforts, providing much needed recreational programming…bringing people out beyond the waterfront, onto the waterway itself.

As a volunteer-driven, non-profit educational organization, incorporated in Massachusetts, partnered with the City of New Bedford, and holding tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, NBRC is fully committed to making rowing affordable for all area residents and visitors, offering partial or full financial aid as needed.

A special “Thank you” to Mayor Jon Mitchell of the City of New Bedford, Derek Santos of the New Bedford Economic Development Council , Edward C. Anthes-Washburn of the New Bedford Port Authority, and Mary Rapoza of New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches for their partnership and unwavering support of our work. Their dedicated service to New Bedford Rowing Center is a continuing inspiration to us all.

Cash and in-kind contributions to NBRC are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. NBRC also qualifies for foundation grants and corporate matching of individual gifts.

Board of Directors - Advisory board


  • Board Chair: Jordan Seim
  • Board Vice-Chair: Orell Baumann
  • Treasurer: Amy Roderick
  • Secretary: Colin Hogan


  • David Haskell
  • Richard Porteus


  • Gregory P. LaRoche
  • D'Arcy MacMahon
  • Paul Milde
  • Sidney A. Murray II



We thank our corporate supporters:
BayCoast Bank
Bayline Boatyard
Buzzards Bay Coalition
Community Rowing, Inc. (CRI)
Concordia Company
Diversified Marketing Group
Grimshaw Gudewicz
Haskell Nursery
Heather Tomaz Graphic Design
Island Foundation
Legal Center for Nonprofits
Lisa Aldrich, CPA
Lloyd Center for the Environment
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Payroll Express
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