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New Bedford Rowing Center (NBRC) offers rowing programs for youth and adults with all levels of experience. We have rolling admissions, scholarships available, and wonderful coaches and rowers that create a welcoming environment. See our schedule for the current season’s details.

New Bedford Rowing Center (NBRC) rows year-round with “on the water” activities Spring, Summer and Fall, and indoor training during the winter. For members with competitive interest, We offer the opportunity to participate in regattas throughout the year as well as indoor erg regattas during the winter.

Experienced and new rowers welcome!

NBRC 2018 Summer Learn-To-Row Program

Brand new rowers begin with NBRC’s learn-to-row program, where they are introduced to the sport and learn the basics of rowing. These classes run on Saturdays, 7:30 – 8:30 AM. These five-week programs give you a good sense of what rowing is all about, both physically and mentally.

Depending on the weather and the Acushnet River water conditions, the sessions are held at the discretion of the coaches. If rowing on the water is not practical, classes may be held inside the boathouse on indoor rowing machines (“ergs”).

(A) Five Saturdays: July 21 – August 18 ($50)

(B) Five Saturdays: July 28 – August 25 ($50)

(C) Five Saturdays: August 4 – September 1 ($50)

(D) Five Saturdays: August 11- September 8 ($50)

(E) Five Saturdays: August 18- September 15 ($50)


Summer/Fall Adult & Youth Rowing (June through November)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Saturdays 8:30 – 10:30 AM


  • Joining in July: $475 before 1st session, or five monthly installments of $100
  • Joining in August: $375 before 1st session, or four monthly installments of $100
  • Joining in September: $275 before 1st session, or three monthly installments of $100
  • Joining in October: $175 before 1st session, or two monthly installments of $100
  • Joining in November: $100 before 1st session


Note: If you would like to pay by installments please contact us

Note: Includes an annual tax-deductible NBRC “membership” payment of $50 per individual to support our mission of providing access to the sport of rowing for all, regardless of ability to pay.

As always, financial aid continues to be available for those who need it.

Note: All need to sign-up as US Rowing members, for an nominal annual basic fee of $9.75:

The NBRC Rowing Committee reminds all NBRC members of the need to sign 2018 Waivers.  Signed waivers are only good for a current calendar year, and must be RENEWED ANNUALLY, starting every January.  NBRC Members need to sign a liability USRowing Waiver in order to be allowed to row out of the NBRC boathouse or compete in any USRowing-sanctioned regatta.

US Rowing has changed the waiver process this year.  Paper waiver forms are no longer accepted, and rowers will now have to go to sign waivers on the USRowing website: There, one will find an instructional video at that website page.  IMPORTANT:  You will be asked for your Club Number….NBRC’s is E8DXZ.

You must now be a USRowing Member to complete the waiver process.  NBRC members who don’t hold a Regular USRowing Membership (perhaps because they won’t be competing in regattas) must now join USRowing.  However, instead of purchasing the Regular USRowing Membership ($45 or $65), individuals may sign up for a Basic USRowing Membership (no racing benefits), which carries a $9.75 administration fee.  Being a Basic USRowing Member gains the liability coverage for claims (same as other tiers of membership), which may arise out of accidents in which the Basic Member is involved, at any time, and even if she or he is deemed to be at fault.  This minor hassle and expense may prove to be a small price to pay.

For questions, please contact USRowing at


  1. US Rowing Waiver (Release of Liability Form)
  2. Swim Test (PDF) – For the seasons on the water, all rowers must complete a swim test for safety reasons. Please bring the attached to an approved lifeguard to completion and return with your registration

Once you complete the above points, please fill out the form below:

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