Friday, 7 September 2018 – Thunderstorm Rain Blowout

Although we once again had a sufficient number of rowers to boat a full crew yesterday, a violent thunderstorm moving in the direction of Pope’s Island forced us to cancel the planned on-water row and revert to a land-workout on the “ergs”.

The storm came in even faster than we’d anticipated, but we managed to get all the ergs back inside the boathouse, the building’s doors locked down before we fled through a blinding dust/rain blowout to the safety of our vehicles. We will try to find a make-up day for those who had paid for, and made the effort to be there for, a full 90-minute coached program.

Note: A huge “THANK YOU” to Dave and Ryan Haskell and a Haskell Nursery employee who took it upon themselves to arrive early last Thursday afternoon, move the boat trailer, mow the lawn between our boathouse and the new playground, cut down all the unwanted weed growth that was invading the gravel path around our structure, trim back the uncontrolled shrubbery growth that was once again starting to interfere with passage to the dock-ramp, and remove the huge plant that had taken up residence inside the boathouse backwall. We are grateful for such dedicated service to NBRC.